My first series of illustrated children’s books. 3 books that solve three problems: greed, excessive consumption of sweets, self-doubt.

Children's Picture Book

"Greedy Oliver" by Stacy Hall

Sharing is Caring.

Solving Greed with Friendship: The Heartwarming Children’s Book that Teaches the Joy of Sharing, Empathy, and True Friendship.

Is your child struggling with greed, difficulty sharing toys, and making friends? Look no further! “Greedy Oliver” is the perfect children’s book that will help your child take a step towards developing a positive worldview.

Buy this book on Amazon
Buy this book on Amazon

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Several book spreads

   In this beautifully illustrated picture book, young readers will join Oliver, a boy who learns the importance of kindness, generosity, and friendship through his adventure with his toy monkey. With a great story and a moral lesson that resonates with both boys and girls, “Greedy Oliver” is sure to captivate young hearts and minds.

 Invest in your child’s character development with “Greedy Oliver” and let them discover the joy of sharing, caring, and being a good friend. Grab a copy today and embark on a heartwarming journey of personal growth and friendship!

What you can expect from this book

Beautifully illustrated children’s book

Great and inspiring story with a moral lesson for boys and girls

Excellent quality printing

Easy to read and understand writing style. Suitable for reading aloud and self-reading

Cute and funny illustrations of animals in the zoo: bear, giraffe, crocodile, zebra, monkey and others

Most of the pages depict a small hidden detail that will add excitement to reading the book

This book helps boys and girls to

Who is this book for


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